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TOPIC: psycopaths hidden among us

psycopaths hidden among us 20 Oct 2016 10:29 #10645

  • ramirez.juanita
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My post this week is inspired by a Netflix documentary I watched.

“ Amanda Knox on murder trial in Italy”. This post is not about it, though; it is about serial killers in general (not that I am saying that she did or did not commit the crime she is accused of).

The Netflix documentary just opened up my curiosity about serial killers, and what I found is really interesting yet kind of creepy.

According to research made by forensic doctors, psychiatrist, and psychologists, it is suggested that 1 in 100 people are psychopaths. It gives me the chills just to think about it, that kind of means that psychopaths surround us. The question is, what exactly is a psychopath? Well, according to the Collins Dictionary of Medicine:

“ A person whose behavior suggests indifference to the rights and feelings of others. A person in whom prior experience has induced an antisocial personality disorder.”

More interesting facts that I read about is that apparently there is something called the Psychopathy Check List-Revised (PCL-R) and that is a test that helps recognize psychopaths in our society. I think they should make everyone take this test before college and a new job. It should be part of the interview process, to make sure that the person is sane and avoid or at least try to prevent mass shootings, etc.

I am saying this, because statistically, 4% of corporate staffers are psychopaths, according to an amazing article that I read. (I’ll post the link below)
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psycopaths hidden among us 20 Oct 2016 19:16 #10653

  • cecilia.s
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Hi i like your post because im really into psychology, and while studying this topic in class i was also surprised to realize that serial killers and psychopaths are near us. I found it even more creepy how my teacher told us how these people seem very charming and normal at first glance. She told us that there are the crazy people who are anti-social and the other kind of crazy people who are very confident with themselves. She also stated how they mimic normal behavior, and are very good at hiding their insanity. I'm so happy i took this class because i knew a person close to me who had the these psychopath traits. I knew this person was weird, violent, and not normal since the beginning, but this class confirmed it. I learned to avoid this person, and it saved me so much unnecessary trouble, and even more because these kinds of people are very dangerous. It's scary how some people wouldn't be able to identify these kinds of people, and like you i think there should be more programs to help the public deal with these insane people.
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