By Raphael N. The media plays a crucial role in the Israeli and Palestinian conflict. Unfortunately many times the news is biased and people do not question the journalist and accept everything from the news as true facts. On October twenty-second in 2014 a catastrophe happened in Jerusalem. A Palestinian crashed his car into a crowd of Israelis. Unfortunately, two people were dead including a three months old baby, and seven people were injured. On that day the AP (Associated Press) wrote an article about the event and the headline stated “Israeli police shoot man in east Jerusalem”. The Associated Press said that the police shot a “man” why did the author of this article write “man” instead of “terrorist”? If this tragic event were to happen anywhere else in the world we would be calling this man a terrorist and not just a man. Why does the title of this article only mentions the shooting of the Israeli police? A reader that only reads the headlines could think that the Israeli police killed a random man for no reason. The headlines should have stated that a terrorist crashed his car into a crowd and thanks to the Israeli police, they were able to shoot the terrorist. The news titles are crucial because many times people only read the title without reading about what actually happened. In 2016 on February third a disaster happened, CBS News headlines wrote “3 Palestinians killed as daily violence grinds on”. At first, this title makes us feel sad for the three Palestinians that were killed. What really happened on February third is that three Palestinian terrorists armed with automatic rifles attacked Israeli border police officers in East Jerusalem. The terrorists killed a nineteen-year-old female police officer and severely injured another female officer. The Israeli police then shoot and killed the three terrorists. After reading the true facts, any sane person would feel sorry for the female Israeli that died and would feel disgusted by the acts of the three terrorists. But CBS’ title makes the reader feel the opposite. Many people will say that CBS did a mistake and it was not on purpose. But I believe that a news station like CBS cannot make this big of a mistake and it was clearly biased against Israel. CBS never apologized for writing this title, so most people will never know what really happened on that day. The world wants to show Israel as the oppressor even when they are the ones being oppressed. The media is able to mislead us by only telling us a detail and “accidentally” forgetting to tell us the main news. In 2016 on September nineteen, CBS News headlines wrote “Another alleged Palestinian stabber shot by Israeli cops”. This title is true but it fails to mention why the Palestinian was shot. The Palestinian terrorist stabbed two people from behind, and the police were able to respond instantly and shot the terrorist. Thankfully the two people survived their injury from the stabbing. People will argue that the Israeli police should not have killed the terrorist, but I strongly disagree. After watching the security cameras videos we can see the stabber really wanted to kill people and he would have killed and injured many more if he had not been shot down. CBS only mentions that the stabber got shot, so we only get half of the story in the title. And of course, the one side that we got makes us feel sorry for the stabber. Today there are about fifteen million Jews in the world which is less than 0.01% of the world’s population. There are about 1.8 billion Muslims in the world which is about 25% of the world’s population. Not many people like defending the Jews and the only Jewish state in the world, Israel, because it is such a small community. There are so many lies and fake videos on social media about the Israeli Palestinian conflict. It is very important to stay open-minded and to know that the truth is not black or white but sometimes gray. If anyone is interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict they should go visit Israel and Gaza and see with their owns eyes the two sides and speak with people from each community. People think that Israel only has Jewish citizens, but this is completely false. There are many Muslims Arab Israeli living peacefully with Jews in Israel. It is very difficult to find a non-biased news station that speaks about this conflict. But I believe that one day there will be peace and the media will only speak about the Middle East for peaceful news and not stabbings and bombings.

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