By Alec W. There's quite a lot happening in the world right now. Some are calling it the beginning to a new Civil War. We live in a world that is captivating or bust. That goes for everything in our lives if it doesn’t give us some sort of excitement we look elsewhere. Imagine we lived in a world with only one news source and everything you needed to know about the world is from this one medium. No blatant bias, No alternative facts, No Anything other than the news. Well, that's obviously not the case. The freedom of being able to seek out the news you agree with and mix that with a dose of the free medium called social media and you have a recipe for a racist with a voice. You give these people a voice and they're going to take it. Pretend we only had one source of news this past election. You would only hear the platforms that the nominees are going with and not shining a spotlight on racism. Sure, there are two ends of the spectrum. One side you have pro this, one side you have a pro that. Even on the other side you still got a front row ticket on what the other side was saying. Realistically, CNN is still showing some of the horrid things Donald Trump was saying. Even if they were attacking they're still shoving it down our throats. "If our president can say it on TV, why can't I" - Racist who lived in a multicultural neighborhood but kept their mouth shut because they knew it wasn't appropriate. So now on every single news station no matter the affiliation we are now being shown that is ok to say things. It could make you president one day. Now, that racist could continue to keep his mouth shut, but unfortunately, all they must do is pull out a cell phone and you have access to share your feelings with the entire world. Can you imagine how many racists hid the fact they were racist? Now it's ok because our president says it and they can blossom and finally share their thoughts. Even if he wasn't running for president, we're still blasting it all over on every channel. Attacking what he's saying or not. It's everywhere. Think back to September 11th, One of the worst tragedy's this country has had to deal with. The media looped it for days, which I understand it's a big deal and if new information arises they're already live. I remember listening to the live Howard Stern show from that morning. They remained on the air and kept switching the channel to channel and commenting on everything new they heard. People were calling into the show just after the first plane hit and commenting that news stations are already blaming Muslims. This is all before any actual information came out. Muslims were then being brutally attacked for no reason. All because the news will share anything they can get their hands on and just like today it shined a light on the racists that it's ok to attack because they attacked us. It's even worse now. "I can say whatever I want because our president says it" and now we have an even stronger medium and a much bigger audience. It's not a bad thing to not be color blind. It's called awareness. We don't have to pretend that we're all the same. Even if we were all gray, we would find something to notice a difference about another person. We might have different opinions here, but Racism will always exist. I feel like it would at least be decreased and more at bay if we didn't have the technology we do now. If we didn't have every single news medium reporting what crazy things Donald Trump said both now and, in his past, do you think he would be President? If they only shared what he wanted to do with America and not as a crazy outlandish villain would he have won? We shined a heavy green light on racism and let it out of a box that was so much smaller than it is now. If we didn't have Twitter, or Facebook or any form of medium that anyone can share their opinions and it potentially could get around enough for people to see it would it just keep racists mouth shut? Who knows.

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