Approximately 4 years ago a man named Donald Trump ran for president of the united states. As we can all remember the catchphrase of his campaign was let's make America great again. But his promise to his voters voted for me and we will build a wall. A wall in which we will divide Mexico and America to keep the rapist and drug dealers out along with many other promises. But has this president actually kept is the promise of making America great again. His racist remarks against Muslim and illegal immigrants should not be tolerated. Families are being separated and children are left, orphans. Fundings are taken out of systems we are in need of such as school and military funding all to build a wall. Immigrants are some of the very hardest workers in our country yet are broken system fails to ably by their belief of everyone is created equal.

From the day of President Trump's campaign, we all knew his clear intentions towards immigrants calling  them rapists, drug traffickers and stating they were only taking us space in the united states and had no good in the united states and they were animals. But studies have proven the opposite. Immigrants who cross the border in search of the American dream and many have achieved it. According to the US secretaries and commissioners exchange “Own 28.4% of businesses owned by those with less than a high school education; Own 12% of businesses owned by those with a college education; and Own 10.8% of all firms with employees, providing job opportunities for thousands of Americans.” many of the people fleeing from their countries are the ones who are often the poorest and are in fear of the violence and the fear of execution from the drug lords. But despite all the immigrants do to do our country good they are still getting wrongfully deported from there work cited or from their homes for doing absolutely nothing. As many of us have already seen in the media there is a family who is getting deported and children are left alone to their best luck while their parents are sent back to their homelands. The hardest working people are getting punished but the media can not see it.

We have all heard about the negative things according to President Trump that immigrants bring and contribute to the country. But no one has really stopped and thought about all the positive things that they have contributed. According to Jason Furman and Danial Grey “According to the Small Business Administration, immigrants are 30 percent more likely to start a business in the United States than non-immigrants” as many of us know the key people who build our buildings and houses or pick the crops that we consume are Mexican immigrants. Now if we were to remove these people from the country. Who would do this heavy labor work? Immigrants aren't taking jobs they are just fulfilling jobs that need to be filled. In addition, luckily for many immigrant children who have dreamt of achieving their American dream. President Barack Obama implemented DACA which helped many of those young dreamer graduates and work in professional jobs. “The lesson of these 236 years is clear – immigration makes America stronger.  Immigration makes us more prosperous. And immigration positions America to lead in the 21st century.”

Despite such high numbers that show that immigrants serve a good purpose to the united states. President Trump continues with his plan of building a wall. And although he played it out with saying we were going to have Mexico pay for the wall over $3.8 billion dollars have been taken out from taxpayer money and from 36 military funding projects to build the so-called “nations best ring of security that you can not find anywhere else in the world.” however the building of the wall wasn't enough for the president. In a press conference that took place in early October, he president insinuated that building a wall wasn't enough and shook the immigrants in the legs to make it more difficult for them to cross. Not only is the remark completely inappropriate but coming from the leader of our country makes it completely out of the question and people still think it is okay for this man to serve a second term. We are a united nation in which we state we are all created equal and trump himself says there is no room for hate. Not all immigrants are bad they are just looking for a better future for them and their families, and “oftentimes it's the people who don't have papers that are our closest neighbors” states the senator of New Mexico.

Today more people are on the move than ever before. And it is our job to fix the system not deploy it. Hate has been spread injustice by one solemn person. Not all immigrants are what the media makes them be. There are people who only come for a better future for their families. We are all human beings and we are all in search of a better future.



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