By Juri S.

Nowadays, racism and genders are the biggest topics in the US or the world. Thinking about them is the first step to solve the problems. These two problems relate the American history very deeply.

A while ago, people thought that it was normal that women did housework. For example, some housework advertising. Always, women are used. This is the stereotype and it makes people stereotypes. At the same time, women had no rights that men have. Elder people saw the situations normally, but our generations see that women work outside normally. Our world has advanced. However, still now, in some countries, women are seen lower than men and women cannot do freely what they want. Moreover, it often happens that women get the experience of sexual harassment or sexual violence around the world. These experiences remain women deep scars forever and sometimes, women cannot back to before getting the experiences. In my country, Japan, especially in the big cities, there are a lot of people on the train and sometimes it is crowded inside. Many people have the experience to get sexual harassment. Therefore, there are some women-only-car. I am not talking about women should receive more benefits. I am talking about we need to respect women more.

For racism, it is very scary that all we have chance to be racists if we do not understand history, culture or misunderstand what cool is. People should understand that all we have weapons. Our words can save people, but at the same time, our words could kill people. Moreover, the people who have the impact or who are in front of the media impact people a lot. If they use the word jokingly, children could think that they can use the word jokingly. All we should care about others what they feel. James Baldwin said that most white people do not have an attitude of hostility, but they are indifferent to the history of black racism and indifference is the worst for it.  but in my country, Japan, most people do not have knowledge of racism. Of course, we learn about racism in schools, but people think that racism is someone else’s problem. I did think so too before going to the US. I take interested in and learn about the history of racism not to happen again. However, at the same time, I experienced that a guy said "monkey" to me. People have different backgrounds, thoughts, or many things and the differences are interesting parts. I know that sometimes people have things that they cannot understand. However, you do not need to hurt people because of them. Having experience is one way to feel other people's feelings, but we never get all experience which is in the world. That is why we need to think things from standing on many different sides. Thinking about racism from someone's experience is very important. Because it makes me not to do the same things. I learned the list of Macintosh in one of my classes and it surprised me. According to White Privilege and Male Privilege by Peggy Macintosh, there are many privileges for white people. It means that other people must care about them to live. The list of Macintosh is written with just normal things. All people should see the same race on the TV, all people should not be suspected because of skin color, or all people should be able to choose public places without fear of mistreated. However, it is a privilege of the race that we can never change. What things we can only change are minds and rules.

Nowadays, most people use or see social media and it is very easy to share their things. At the same time, it is easy to fake people or hurt people with your words. In some countries, citizens cannot say things because they do not have the right to say things. However, in the US, you have the freedom to say things, but you need to make a decision about what you do not say because you have choices. We have to know how big Media or your words impact people. You need to stop one moment to think that it could hurt someone when you say opinions to show off your knowledge. What you do not say is moral. You can see his/her "considerate" or "thoughtful" there. Sometimes, it is very difficult not to say things. However, if you think about your words have a lot of impacts, you can stop it. Our technologies have advanced a lot, but our thoughts and rules are still too old. I hope that all we advance and live happily.



James Baldwin

“White Privilege and Male Privilege” by Peggy Macintosh

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