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By Barlas S.

Millions of Turkish citizens have been outraged by the violent action of our government to our peaceful protest that has been taking place at Istanbul's Gezi Park. The Prime minister of Turkey has been trying to accomplish his goals, which are against the young generation’s point of view. Turkish P.R. Recep Tayyip Erdogan wanted to build a shopping center at the same area where Gezi Parki located. What happened at Gezi Parki Istabul was not the only issue that we encountered. We are threatened by people who are conducting the government.Things that i could never imagine happened. What I mean by that even in the social media, when we express our thoughts about the situation, people who are working for government can reach us out and try to arrest us. Government has also used execcive police force and showed cruelty against innocent people who are protesting without harming anyone. Over the course of Prime Minister Erdogan's ten-year term, we have witnessed a steady erosion of our rights and freedoms. Arrests of numerous journalists, artists, and elected officials; restriction on freedom of speech, women's rights, and even alcohol sales have all demonstrated that the ruling party is not serious about democracy. Time and again, the Prime Minister has mocked and trivialized his nation's concerns while Turkey's own media has remained shamefully silent.

Abdullah Gul, the president of Turkey, declared that there is going to be a restriction on alcohol use which outraged people who are already affected by government’s new dictatorship type of system. Members of Turkey's Islamist-leaning government, led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, have approved legislation, which got the presidential approval, which will see the sale of alcohol in shops prohibited from 10pm to 6am. Despite similar restrictions are in place in some European countries, the legislation also bans the advertising of alcohol. Broadcasters will even need to cencor bottles and glasses of alcohol consumed by TV characters.

Alcoholic beverage companies will also not be allowed to sponsor events where their drinks can be sold, such as concerts, or football matches, which will affect the economy and business. People were already afraid of Islamic government because many people in Turkey were not aware of the danger that this government brought since they took over the government. These people are knows by their speech against Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who is the creator of Turkey. Ataturk is a person who is the first president of Turkey, and his involvement in the revolution that established the Turkish Republic.  Nytimes and many other newspaper agencies, TV channels have been informed about everything that is going on in Turkey and showing the world that how innocent people can be violated by a dictatorship type of government.     In Istanbul’s Heart, Leader’s Obsession, Perhaps Achilles’ Heel (KIMMELMAN,Michael) , Published: June 7, 2013 ,NY Times . Ny Times has also showed the portrait in Turkey. 

In conclusion, people who are affected by cruelty that came from the Islamic government are fighting against government and they, are fighting for their rights which was given to us in 1923 by the creator of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.