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By Minjeong K.

Public is affected by many different kinds of Media these days such as Radio, Television, Newspaper, Magazine and Internet. People can communicate each other as well as get various information via Media. Nevertheless, Even though people are living in the flood of information, most of them do not know how to literate Media. The Media literacy is significant for contemporary responder. Especially, The politics is inseparable from Media literacy.

The biggest reason why people need to know media literacy is that public has the right to know everything about their world. Lately, the development of internet helps public easily approach to various information which people could be difficult to notice the real meaning of. For example, unfortunately, Most readers are unable to catch the hidden agenda while some of them just do not care about their intention why they sent you this message. In the political point of view, although Internet can play a role as bridge between Voter and candidate, Voters who do not have capability to distinct the purpose of Message would not be satisfied with their candidate who they picked later. On the other hand, people
who are able to literate media can take advantage of the internet. They can communicate their candidates via internet as well as exert their authority.

Secondly, Politics should be managed by the nation. Abraham Lincoln said Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. Media is a medium that helps the realization of it. For instance, In Korea, the government is Running a website where citizens can voice their complaints. They try to listen to their Nation and correct their policy. In this case, The citizens participate the politic and they Express their thought. In my point of view, The media literacy is not only the capability that A person is able to read and understand the media. People literate the message in mess Media and then they should tell their opinion to the world. It would vitalize the participation in politic. The last reason is that the media literacy help people keep a close watch on politician. Mass media has two aspects both Watch-dog and noise. It could be helpful or harmful depending on how to handle it. People can search the profile of candidate at their
home. Voters can read candidate’s events in the internet news easily. However, If someone who does not know Media literacy, she or he will believe politician’s statement without any doubt. On the other side, if a person literates article well, she or he can judge and monitor his or her statesmen.   

In conclusion, the citizens have a power of information. Nevertheless, Being unable to literate media right, The information they get is dispensable like wastes. Only if they know how to comprehend and literate the article, They can get a real information. Thus, People should learn how to literate media for themselves. It is going to lead to the upright and free political communication.