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By Gabriella T.

Today, in most countries people are told that they are free to share their opinions. People in the U.S are told all the time about freedom of speech, but does it really matter when the truth is that in the end “they” will censor it. Most people are not educated on what is going on, but the media might inform to an extent of what is really happening. Politics is definitely difficult to be understood by some people, and today with more exposure of the dirty through the Mass Media, people are starting to understand what really is going on. The election is one of the most controversial subjects for the media, but does the money of the powerful people used in  campaign a issue to society, and does it make regular people live in a less democratic world.

Democratic values are in risk, and citizens don’t really see it. Media is probably the best way for politicians to get to society minds, a society where is thought as democratic but power dominates more than the values. Citizen United fight to “restore” the American society, for this conservative non-profit organization the American government has to go back to the citizen control. Maybe they want restore the country, but that will not help the majority of the society, only the rich and powerful.

In 2010 the Supreme Court’s case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission was really talked, and people were opposed to the verdict, but now corporate can fund elections.  With the creation of the Super Pacs after this case made people think that this would be a disaster for the democracy of the country, “Super PACs are a game for millionaires and billionaires. They are a game for corporations and other wealthy interests. Meanwhile, citizens are pushed to the sidelines to watch the corruption of our democracy”(1).  The real issue for citizens might be the taxes, “According to the analysis by de Blasio's office, ExxonMobil, Bank of America, General Electric (GE), Chevron and Boeing had combined profits of $77.16 billion in 2010 but paid $0 in current federal income taxes in 2009.It should be noted, however, a Chevron spokesman said the company paid current taxes of $1.5 billion and deferred taxes of $162 million for 2010.(2) It is not fair that most corporate pay a lot less taxes, because of their “donations”.” Is this really democracy that people are living or a joke to society?

The government should run our country not the companies as Judge Nelson of the Montana Supreme Court wrote “Citizens United has turned the First Amendment’s ‘open marketplace’ of ideas into an auction house for . . . corporatists. Freedom of speech is now synonymous with freedom to spend. Speech equals money; money equals democracy. This decidedly was not the view of the constitutional founders, who favored the preeminence of individual interests over those of big business.” Money is buying the freedom of speech. We don’t have an opinion anymore, and this is not democracy if the big corporates are ruling the country. Not only people is not following the First Amendment, but citizens are paying for their taxes and big corporates are keeping their money.

Some conservative things are needed in today’s society, but not in this extent as the Citizen United want. Democracy is something needed in all countries, for people that want equal rights that’s the first step. Using the media to create an opposition to something in politics might be the best way, but everyone needs to revise their ideas before doing, and seeing if there are doing the right thing. Today’s society is lading back are enjoying the view without opening their eyes, so maybe going after the truth is the best path to a true democracy.

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