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By Samantha W.

For decades gay marriage has been the top issue in the U.S, it is frowned upon and accepted by some. Religion and society are the main reason why gay marriage is stirred up in the media. In the bible there is a famous verse that every Christian and Catholic use, “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lied with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” (Lev.20:13) But is that really true? There are many other versus that refers to homosexuality but this is the most popular verse that is used. What people don’t know about the real issue is that whether or not it passes, it is going to affect the future for America. In my opinion this is the only issue that I am concerned with.

Everyday more and more gay couples adopt children; about 40,000 children have same sex parents, and are made aware that it is it is okay for someone of the same sex to love each other. But what about the other children who have parents who aren’t the same sex? What are they taughts ? From experiences that I have faced, I’ve seen kids who are against it and or for it. But are they to blame for their views or is it the parent’s fault? One child that step in the spot light for gay marriage right was Braden Neubecker who is a daughter of two men. Neubecker wrote countless drafts but finally created the speech that made her stand out. In her speech she mentions how her old foster families would treat her bad and she would have to protect her life on her own and her brother. "My old family never treated me well. They wouldn't stand up for me. If my foster sister fought with me, my old mom would just sit there and watch me get hurt, so I would have to fight back.” Now she is happy with the life she has but wishes that her two fathers could get married.

Another example of how Homosexuality can affect the future is how it is affected in the military. Every new recruited are welcomed and their thoughts are all different. In the military if you are gay it is kept a secret “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is the policy that you are under.  If you come out you are judged and possibly be harmed. For example a solider named Bradley Manning went through a lot because of his sexuality. Coming out into the open was not the only thing he feared about being in the Military.
In 2009 he discovered his sexuality, he told an online friend Zachary Antolak who was a fellow solider about his discovery. His comrades that he was station with started figuring him out and harassing him; this harassment led up to physical attacks. Later on Manning’s and Antolak’s conversation made it to the New York magazine. In the article it states that Manning wanted a sex change procedure. “Bradley felt he was female,” the counselor is reported to have told the magazine. “He was very solid on that … He really wanted to do the surgery”. After the article was released, Manning was accused of leaking information of the U.S military to WikiLeaks. Can this happen because of the way he was being treated and judged? Some answers are left unknown. Everyone has a reason for his or her actions.

Being judge is hard for someone who is gay. Homosexuality is not liked by half of the world, it is a lot to take on. The trouble that comes with this are suicide and other harm to the body also not having the right to marry the same sex in certain parts of the U.S, it is not fair. This is only the beginning. We don’t know what is coming next with gay marriage. So far what we know is that it is affecting the future of children and the military.