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By Sonija S. and Elizabeth H.

The digital divide is a real problem when you are a disabled person, already facing many challenges, still one most not except defeat, even when the odds seem to be stacked up against us we must use the digital divide as means of bridging the gap for disable people.

We acknowledge the fact that the digital divide is said to be a very real and prevalent issue as a topic of worldwide discussion without coming up with any solutions. American’s with disabilities take up a large percentage of the world’s population. In 2003 it was posted that people with disabilities are less likely to live in a household that own computers, and are less likely to use computers.  They are even more less likely to be on-line or on the computer, yet its now 2012 where it is so important to have a computer and be or learn the skills of operating this technology.

In the time that we are living in right now, to become computer literate is very necessary and so important to our future, the possibilities, and the benefits are endless in todays technology. So for those of us who can make the change, and are able to get with these changing times should make every effort to do so. If you can reach back and pull some of us forward do so and each one teach one, believe me we will all have a loved one of our own family and friends that is disabled. We will all be affected in some form or fashion by the digital divide. We have all of this technology here and more to come so I say lets learn and lets teach and try to make a change. Let us choose not to be digital divided.

The statistics have said that there is so much technology but is not really made available to many people with disabilities and this problem has continued to influence the digital divide, why not? What will it take to get ready? The disabled is at a much higher need, do to them being left behind from the beginning when it comes to technology and being up to date with society. It is time to make moves. There are libraries giving free classes, they have the computers so you can just show up, there are places, for example, various organizations around the globe which offer classes and when you complete the class u get a free laptop or desk top. It is time to create a way. China is and Japan is, so it would only be right if America did to.

There is a much greater need today due to the massive change in this country more than ever. Everything has become digital and in viewing how these times will begin to be affected by disabled people who have no clue of what is going on around them. It is no fault of there own but lets be clear of the big problem and bigger picture that disabled Americans face in todays society. They are on fixed incomes, and elderly disabled Americans are listening to the radio and television much more so then the rest of the world is sad, living life divided and unable to connect on an intellectual level. You are divided due to your own fault. Being left behind, and not wanting to better ones self is a very negative way for the disabled people and for the opinions of the public to be focusing on that part of the issue. The disabled people of America have been divided to long.

The wide spreading of the digital divide needs some kind of turn around towards a positive outcome for the disabled. If so, they will not be as behind with technology and what is going on in today's world. Not all disabled people have fell into the position of this disadvantage but there are far more at a disadvantage than advantage. We must use every resource to empower all disabled people by including a creating opportunity for all to have access to the Internet. Did you know that anything u need, anything that you are looking for, can be accessed by computers. Once on board the digital world you cannot stop. These new inventions and technologies hold a great promise to ones future.

Though it is clear that the digital divide, what remains prevent in are minds (the have and the have not). It would be a great step in the right direction for the ones who have been offered any form of technology, any opportunity to learn would be great and by all means go for it don’t be divided because of your disability.