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by Shebin S.

Diversity is a word that is being used regularly nowadays at workplaces or at schools especially here in California, Los Angeles. But what does this word even mean? The main reason for the want of diversity is to destroy the concept of ethnocentrism, racism, and gender inequality. Racism has been a dark past for the United States and the world alike. It is a shameful past that must never be allowed to be repeated. And increasing diversity is the way for people from different ethnicity to meet and interact and learn about other cultures and be more tolerant. Diversity can also be seen as a byproduct of modernism. Modernism was this drive towards the idea of the creation of a perfect world. Most commonly this perfect world is called utopia. In theory, this idea of a perfect world is alluring to most people but there have been some horrific consequences to this idealism. The way that a perfect world can be created is only by removing what was imperfect. People started removing everything that was considered imperfect form art to economics and even architecture. They started to remove everything that was seen unnecessary and imperfect and this idealist view of politics and economics gave birth to some of the most tyrannical dictatorship and communist regime and is the cause of some if not all holocausts in history. So, the major reaction to the modernistic movement was the postmodern movement and deconstruction. Deconstruction was the movement to break barriers between dualistic ideology like white and black and male and female and yin and yang. The deconstruction movement was to embrace all the differences people have it was to embrace all the different skin tones. It was to embrace all the different ethnicity. It was to embrace all the different gender and accept new ones. It was to embrace all the different religions etc.  this is where the media comes to play. Nowadays in modern society, the media has almost become a major part of everyone's life. Wherever we look we can see a screen. From Tv to computers and events to the minicomputers call smartphones that people these days cannot seem to live without. And thus, the media has a great role when it comes to influencing people’s thoughts and mindset. Now the question that arises is, is the media doing enough. Well, the short answer is NO. Well, the media especially the move and television industries have started to reference the term diversity but still, most of it is still majorly just white males and females. Like it was stated in Sage Journal by S. R. Gubitz “We find that reference to diversity initiatives on its own has no effect but the action of displaying diversity affects marketplace preferences and attitudes toward diversity initiatives”. There really has not been any significant initiative taken into representing the minority groups in the united states especially Asian, South Asian, Middle Eastern, and Native Americans, etc. You will virtually see no member of one of these races in any movie or any tv series. Their presence is virtually nonexistent. But it is not all bad, there is still some rays of sunshine left. Especially with the emergence of new media like the internet and social media. Especially social media, most of the web traffic is on social media sites and they are some of the most installed apps as well as the most visited website. Now even politicians have taken up social media as their preferred platform to stay connected with people and even insult each other. I have even recently learned that future employers might most likely look at your social media accounts to check your background and this can either hinder or help you land your dream job. It is certainly is what is being done by the Canadian Military CAF as stated by Rupinder Mangat that “For militaries that represent the increasingly multicultural populations of their states, diversity is not just a matter of reflecting and representing demographic diversity but also matter of shifting recruitment pools. One of the ways the military is attempting to reach diverse populations is through social media. This chapter emphasizes the value of both diversity and social media for organizations and analyzes how organizations are approaching both these phenomena – using social media to talk about diversity”. So, considering the amount of influence media have on people, media does play a major role in modern society to ensure that there is diversity in all fields and making sure that every race and gender is represented equally.


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