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by Jake S.

As the year started we had new goals and bright futures. January came by with nothing but dog videos and grandmas getting better at dancing during New Years' eve parties. We then moved to February where we took note of ruptured gas lines in Texas and sewage leaks in Fort Lauderdale. Once we hit the corner into early spring the world got overwhelmed with the concerns of Covid-19, and countries like Italy were in a national spotlight. Wildfires in Australia finally were out of the spotlight, because step aside, COVID is here to cancel graduation, wedding, and Olympic ceremonies. The schooling system is needing to plan and pivot while the hospitality industry is put on pause. The economy is now as dry as the population on our state beaches, with the distancing precautions in place, Americans ignored the concerns to enjoy their spring break which leads to increases in both confirmed cases and stupidity. 2020 was market to be a glorious year, yet researchers knew that something was bound to happen, and shake the world up as we know it.

Late March the news was dropped off the postponing of the 2020 Olympic games. Although Japan was making great efforts in containing the respiratory disease. Gender and race were not at the focus of this event, there were now news headlines labeling sexual offenders or sexist selections as did the 2016 Olympics. The media was at the front of Covid-19 with minute by minute results on the virus. I recently watched through the media outlet, Netflix a documentary called Athlete A, which explains the horrific sexual abuse that women endured while in the women's gymnastic team for the US. The media made that event so public, I can only imagine what documentaries are going to be made by producers in years from now about both Covid-19 and the Olympic athletes that have been training for years to have their dream postponed. With the end of July approaching soon, which was the original date for the Olympics, I can't help to sympathize with these athletes and how the pandemic has flipped their career upside down, on a national level.

Education has been shut down for the fall of 2020, leaving recent high school graduates at best a comfy office which is still at their parent's house with their siblings to annoy them. Taking that step and leaving your childhood home to experience the 4 years of college, is unmatched. 2 months into the pandemic Spring semester has moved 100% remote, yet California took further measures. The announced that for the CSU system, all intrusion for the fall of 2020 will take place remotely. This had ripple effects for other educational decisions for schools across the nation. Private institutes currently are still debating on what the best policy is for instruction come fall 2020. Although we see that the private schools are not changing the price for attendance, which in my opinion would make no sense because if my learning is online, I am going to feel ripped off to pay 30,000 for tuition that I will have at home. The media is keeping schools across the nation informed of recent updates, but also gender and race protests that can affect the notion of schools opening due to increased cases.

With spring break being in mid-March, students around the world were getting their break plans solidified, whether it is across the pond or in your backyard, we all had plans. With the recent Covid-19 concerns the state of Florida took a relaxed approach and had its beaches open for the week of spring break. We soon see headlines such as, “'If I get corona, I get corona': Coronavirus pandemic doesn't slow spring breakers' party” showing the pure priority that college students have. The media took these pictures and stories and discussion posts where they generated great foot traffic. In this case, gender and race did not play a role in who was going to these non socially distanced parties. The attendees did not care about the greater picture, their only concern was who they were sleeping with that night. 2020 has added multiple layers to public safety. The media outlets such as Netflix USAToday and local news uses the pillars of sex gender and politics to give the world what is popular and get ratings, while also having factual information.

We know that this year is not going as planned, yet we as men and women work best when we are under pressure. Covid-19 has shown the great strength of binding communities together and supporting the minority groups around the world. We are seeing black communities take a stand and be brave, despite the safety concerns, we see that the communities care about their people enough to risk their lives for what is just. The Olympics and in-person instruction have been postponed, and social distancing has been the most social that has been enforced in the past months. Together we will prevail and be stronger, the virus is devastating but not enough to kill the human spirit t=and the power of teamwork.


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