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by Nagisa T.

Do you know what is the Media? Speaking of the media, there are many kinds of media in this world such as TV, radio, video, publications, social media, messaging, digital communities, games, applications, graphics, public speaking, are, music, performance, and so on. We live daily life with these media and in other words, it is a necessary tool for people and we have to rely on the media. Among them, the media particularly really involved with the theme "race and gender". In the world, there are many kinds of races. For instance, according to the one citation, the article "Example of Race and Ethnicity" explains these examples. White and Caucasian who are from British, French, German. Black and African American and Coloured people who are from Kenyan, Nigerian, Somalian, biracial. American Indian and Alaska natives who are from Iroquois, Cherokee, Navajo, Haida. Latino and Hispanics who are from Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican. Asian who is from Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Cambodian, Taiwanese. Finally, Pacific islander and Hawaiian are from Samoan, Tongan, Maori, Tahitian. Also, these kinds of people recognized by their skin color, facial structure, eye color, hair color, other physical characteristics. In the United States, almost all people recognize people black or white. Not only the United States, many foreign people understand the problem of race and gender is about black or white. And recently, the unforgettable big impact incident just happened in the United States. According to the New York Times, the article "How George Floyd Was Killed in Police Custody" describes that On May 25, 2020, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a black man, George Floyd, was seized by a white police officer for forging banknotes. Floyd was handcuffed on the spot and the neck of the policeman was pressed down. Even if Floyd repeatedly insisted, "I can't breathe!", it remained for more than 8 minutes. After that, Mr. Floyd's reaction stopped and he was taken to the hospital by ambulance and sentenced to death. This situation was filmed by people around me and spread on SNS in an instant. People who see it are protesting against racial discrimination, regardless of race. After happened the incident, a lot of people participate in the demonstration. Thousands of white, clerical manager Leslie Baston, 42, in Maryland, protest the death of a black man, George Floyd, in a Washington assault by a white police officer last weekend. Participated in a large scale march. They say that the 9 and 11-year-olds who participated with him asked why we didn't do anything. Mr. Baston said yesterday, "It is my work to help improve the voice of those who are non-white and cannot benefit from the current state of society." In recent times, in cities and small towns across the United States, whites are wearing T-shirts that say "Black life is important" and holding a homemade placard, "Raise your hand. Shoot. I'm screaming "I'm walking." At times, Floyd mourns that he was pressed by a police officer and was unable to breathe, and he can be seen lying on the street. Books with titles such as "The vulnerability of whites" and "The New Jim Crow's Law" are among the best-selling books in bookstores, and hashtags "The life of a black man is important" continue to be posted on social media every day. An overwhelming proportion of white-owned and owned Fortune 500 companies and sports teams have also expressed support for the anti-racism movement. The New York Stock Exchange made the longest silence ever for Mr. Floyd. Although white participation in the American civil rights movement has long been seen, historians and sociologists agree that the swell of support for widespread anti-racism is greater than ever. Still, many experts question whether whites will remain involved in the fight against racism for a long time. According to Charles McKinney, an associate professor of history at the University of Rose, "Looking back on history, even if the white participation rate increases in various movements like this year, as protest demonstrations calm It will fall out." According to a survey conducted by the Pew Institute during the 1965 Black Civil Rights Movement in Selma, Alabama during the "Bloody Sunday Incident" (demonstration party injured and killed by police) The rate of empathy with the demonstrators was twice as high as in the state on a national scale. However, according to another survey at that time, 45% of the people thought that the administration of Johnson was too urgent to get the suffrage of black people and eliminate racial discrimination measures demanded by demonstrators. McKinney is analyzing whether this year's movements of the white population will lead to legislation that realistically supports the "Black lives are important" movement. Former diplomat Alin Brooks Lashua, a coalition executive at a human rights group, says the white side simply sympathizes from an onlooker standpoint in order to end racial divisions up to Floyd's case. Instead, he sought to take full responsibility for this issue. Actually, my friend's participant in the demonstration in Santa Monica. In my country, we don't have a race. Our race is just one but when I go to the United States, I got one discrimination. I am an Asian person. Some people do not like Asian people even if they do not talk with me. Just only I am Asian, I got discrimination. Of course, comparing my experience and this big incident, my situation was absolutely a kind one but I felt really sad. To stop the discrimination of race and gender is a really difficult topic but we definitely stop discrimination as soon as possible. We are all human. We are the same position even if the person is black or white or woman or man. To do this, the media really affects the big issue.



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