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by Jacob V.

For my rough draft, the topic I decided to choose is Black Lives Matter. The Black Lives Matter is an organized movement that advocates for the non-violent civil disobedience against the many incidents of police brutality towards African Americans. The reason why I chose this topic is that after what has been happening from the past three months of this year, it has been nothing but hate. The entire year so far has been very terrifying to many due to Covid-19 and many other things that have struck the entire world. This topic, however, is a serious issue that people are facing today and have been for many years. It mostly comes down to law enforcement like the police seem to take things the wrong way with people that feel like a threat to them. It is harassment because they can be harsh with many people that they think committed a crime. Many people protest about this movement because it is especially important to be heard. Racism is not going anywhere any time soon, but this movement can change things for the better.

One issue that really makes Black Lives Matter important is what happens back in May of this year. It was the killing of George Floyd. The man was pinned down by four police officers in Minneapolis. I saw this gruesome video on the internet, and I was completely heartbroken at what I saw. It was disgusting just seeing it. He was restrained by three police officers right after he was removed from the police vehicle. Two officers restrained him while the other one, who is Derek Chauvin, placed his knee on George’s neck for eight minutes. During that time George was pleading for his life and kept repeating that he could not breathe. The officer would not listen to him and this resorted to him killing the man. This struck anger in a lot of people in America and around the world. It resorted to people starting protest and rioting around America, even around the area of Santa Monica. It gave everyone the fear of not trusting law enforcement anymore and that they are a plague to society. The rioting went on for the rest of May and all the way to Mid-June. Protesting still goes on for this matter. This poor innocent man was killed just because police officers thought that what he did was so against the law that he had to die. Police brutality has been around for a long time. One incident that was a lot less violent than this one was the beating of Rodney King back in 1993. He was pulled over for drunk driving and luckily survived the act of police brutality. Instead of restraining him, they instead almost beat him to death while the King was just trying not to do anything stupid. This is what triggered the 1992 Los Angeles Riots that went on for about two weeks. These examples of violence show that people of color still deal with the amount of racism and discrimination that still goes on today.

The role that Media has on this matter is that people will post things that are related and beneficial to it. There are many websites that relate to Black Lives Matter. Videos of the matter are everywhere, even on social media. Articles and newspapers even discuss it as well. It even helps fight the power by posting facts and sources for everyone to see. Any large social movement, just like this one, can be mixed by the usage of technology. However, people put their own theories on what the movement is like. Equality plays an essential role in this movement because that what it is striving for. They want their message to be heard so that a lot of people can understand how important it really is. They also discuss the action that the movement is taking in order to make a difference that hopefully can lead to change. The agenda of black lives matter is that it is taking action and people have to understand how serious this movement is.  Many people around the world are taking action and are joining the movement, helping to make a change. One article,, states that it is the social media generation. Meaning that any current events are everywhere that is accessible for everyone like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even Snapchat. It is everywhere. This movement will continue to change lives and open people’s eyes. Even though there are a lot of people that are completely against this movement, this still continues to be the strongest movement that has existed since the Civil rights movement of the 1960s.



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