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By Minjeong K.

When people grow up, many environment facts such as parents, society and ethnicity affect their life. As a result, people become to get different values and ideas based on their surrounding circumstances. In recent, the most impact factor is 'Mass Media' because Media is becoming more and more developing. Along with growth of technology,  People can communicate and exchange easily their thoughts with many different ways. Despite It has a lot of benefits, There are some drawbacks of development. One of examples is the stereotype which are built by users or viewers when people interact via mass media such as an Internet, a Television and a paper. Here are some instances about the fixed idea; 'Sex roles' and 'Race'

First,  A instance of stereotype that developed by the mass media is 'Sex roles'. Although it is true that the gender roles is getting changed recently, a fixed idea of gender still exists. For example, The video which I found in you tube shows many advertisers are using the gender as a sauce.  [ Nextbillyona. "Research is Gender Roles in advertisement". Youtube. March 10. 2013. ]  The Publisher, 'Nextbillyona' covers some commercials which emphasize both masculinity and femininity. The most interesting ad in this video clip was that the ad about Condoms. this commercial indoctrinates the viewers the typical norm of gender. The boys who likes playing with the barbies is brainwashed by his father into playing with the toys that is related to the Masculinity. After brainwashing, The grown man turn into a real guy who has no femininity. It seems to hypnotize viewers and makes think that if you are a man, you need to be like this guy. As this ad, dealing with the typical gender norm as advertising can draw the buyer's attention since most people want to be what their society wants. It could increases both the selling rate and the stereotype of sex.

The second one is 'Race', people have a stereotype about race as much as gender roles. The Movie, 'Legally Blonde', the director,' Robert Luketic', deal with the a fixed thoughts about a white blond girl. [  Robert Luketic. "The movie is Legally Blonde". IMDb. 2001.]  This scene in the movie demonstrates a stereotypical perception of blonde. Even the guy who used to date with the beautiful blond girl wants to break up because she is too BLONDE. Of course, some facters in genetics have a effect on human's character a little bit but it cannot be everything about her or him. As what the actor says that he would get married with jackie, not a Marilyn, It is a noter instance of it. Marilyn Monroe was a successful blonde actress as a major sex symbol in the mid-90s. She was very influential so still representative as blond-haired women among the people. Despite of her talent, the viewers regard her as the person who is foolish and sexy; her character in the mass media. Moreover, Since Monroe becomes famous, people have expected that the white blonds must be like Marilyn is. The reason why it happens is because people are restrained by Mass media unconsciously. Even Wikipedia said that the social norm about blonde is that very attractive yet not intelligent. Furthermore, there is a joke for the white blonde "dumb blonde".[, Wikipedia, "Blonde stereotype"]. For me who came from Korea, It is not my culture because we have a different stereotype about the blonde-hair women. Asian who has a black hair and brown eyes has a desire for the blonde girl who has a blue eyes and blonde hair. This idea reflects the commercial.  Most Korean consider that even the goods which is made in the Unite states or other western countries is better than Asian countries. Therefore, the advertisement in Korea uses a white blonde female who is a symbol of western for selling the products even the products made in Korea.

In conclusion, Mass media controls how people think with many ways. The development of Media has both benefits as well as drawbacks. The media occurs a discrimination and stereotype. After then, The people who are totally dominated by Media would generate some wrong value such as a Race or Sex again.  In my opinion, If people learn how to handle with the superior method, 'Media' and use it squarely, I believe that Many fixed ideas would decrease and There will be many positive results of mass media in the future.