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By Steven M.

Sexism in advertisement is so natural it is like coffee in the morning. People are so accustomed to it that it has become the norm. Some people don’t even notice sexism in advertisement anymore. But I know for a fact that it is still in advertisement now more than ever. Every time people see an advertisement it is always telling them what to do, think a certain way, or it even tells them what to say. Most people don’t look at how the advertisement is being portrayed they just look at the message it is trying to tell them. Through advertisements, big corporations demand people to buy a certain product but while doing so in a sexist fashion more often than not.

Women especially get picked on in advertisement. I say this because it is easy for a woman to be stereotyped in any way. For example, let’s say I see an advertisement about kitchen supplies like dish washing soap or a new mop that cleans better than the rest. A man isn’t going to be washing dishes or even mopping. Adds like those always have a woman in it and the man dirtying the dishes or leaving dirty foot prints on the floor.  This is sexist because they make it seem like only women clean and only men dirty the house. Chiara Milford wrote an article in entitled “Sexism Consumes the World of Advertising” and she said “There are far too many adverts selling anything to do with food or kitchens or cleaning that only star women in domestic scenarios.”(Milford). Although, this might be true for the most part it is still showing that only women do house work and that is insulting to women and man everywhere. Another example of advertisement’s that pick on women is when cars show their advertisements its only men behind the wheel. This shows that only men are interested in cars and women don’t care about cars. In fact, the only car advertisements that I’ve seen that have a woman driving are mini vans. This insinuates that women need mini vans because they need the space for their children.

Another example that proves how advertisements are sexist towards women is Dr Pepper’s commercial advertising their new Dr Pepper Ten soda. The soda only contains ten calories as oppose to their diet version which contains zero calories. Dr Pepper used a slogan that proved how sexist this advisement really is. The slogan was “Not for women” which is already offensive to women. The commercials them self are also sexist. All the commercials have men doing activities that are considered manly things. Anita Lederer who wrote an article on entitled “Dr Pepper Ten: Not for women or the men who respect them” had many things to say when she dedicated a whole article about how sexist this advertisement is. She states “The ad perpetuates stereotypical gender roles, where men are the action heroes of the world, forever looking for adventure, while women are submissive, ornamental or out of the picture altogether, as in this case.”(Lederer). Although, I am a Dr Pepper customer I don’t agree with this add and how it depicts women. Lederer is petitioning this ad because Dr Pepper did take it over the edge when they made a Facebook page only accepting male friend request. She said that she used a male friend’s account to take a look at the page and what she described was stunning. She states “Videos show men shooting things, playing sports, etc., and there's a shooting gallery, where men can fire away at "girly" stuff, such as pink bows, red lipstick and sunflowers.”(Lederer). This is extremely sexist and obviously offensive.

Dr Pepper’s new Ten soda commercials are sexist because it depicts women and makes it seem like guys can’t be famine. We live in an era where women are equal to men and can do whatever men can do. For Dr Pepper to try and make it seem like it is bad to drink a diet drink implies that they still believe that only women should watch their figure.

Sexism in advertisements happen all the time weather we notice it or not. Some advertisements stand out more than others. For example, the Dr Pepper one sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the car advertisement or even the kitchen supply one. Big corporations still expect for people to buy their products even though they are using sexist advertisements.

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