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Google’s News website is more than just a portal to find current events from a variety of sources. Users can search news by category, by publication date, by location of origin, and more. The best part of the website is that news is ranked in a similar way to Google’s search function, so the more popular stories appear on the front page, but less popular stories are still accessible by browsing or searching for them.

This is a huge departure of how news is typically compiled and presented in a newspaper or on a television newscast. Although Google compiles news stories from a wide array of news sources, in Google News, the top news stories are selected by readers. Stories rise in ranking based on reader interest, not because of a news editor’s agenda.

Google News a great research for students to find news and information to write about for projects and assignments. Students can get multiple points of view on any news item instead of just one. This helps the students determine which news stories are likely accurate, and which are marred with varying levels of bias.

Google News also maintains archives of past news stories, making it easy for reader to search for events that occurred last week, last decade, or anytime in between. This makes it easier for students to research a topic, since original primary documents are always available for reading and referencing.