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Episode 1: The Basics of Media Literacy - This first episode introduces the listener to the basic idea of media literacy.

Episode 2: Media Concepts - This second episode introduces the three main concepts of media literacy.

Episode 3: Core Concept #1 - All media messages are constructed. An in-depth analysis of this first core concept.

Episode 4: Core Concept #2 - All media messages are targeted. An in-depth analysis of this second core concept.

Episode 5: Core Concept #3 - All media messages want to sell you something. An in-depth analysis of this third core concept.

Episode 6: Asking Questions - Now that we've discovered the core concepts of media literacy, let's start asking some questions.

Episode 7: General Question #1 - Who sent me this message? In this episode we examine authorship by asking "who?"

Episode 8: General Question #2 - What is this message's intention? In this episode intentions and intended benefits of a media message for its creator.

Episode 9: General Question #3 - Where was this message placed for my consumption? In this episode we examine the concept of target audiences.

Episode 10: We're all different! - An in-depth examination of how the media targets us and tries to sell us products and ideologies.

Episode 11: General Question #4 - Why was this message sent? We can gain a lot of understanding by examining the reasons behind a message's creation.

Episode 12: Using video in the classroom - An interview with Mathew Needleman about using video production in teaching media literacy.


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